Monday, August 15, 2011

Is porridge bad for you.. Like calorie wise?
I must know I always find different answers.. Anyway have been going pretty good not eating to much or too little.. I am vegan again so thats good I feel less bloated. Woo! Well not much has been happening of late I havn't brought anything crazy yet I did buy a nice new necklace yesterday though it's a wish bone. So here's hopeing :)
Talk soon, xx

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Newly inspired.

Well well well,
life has been good lately :) So good in fact that I can't get the credit for it. A came and visited today she has major self confidence issues and she basically claimed my life. She said I was copying her life in a nice way surprisingly I don't think she ment to say it like that but dude what the hell? Anyway so now that has inspired me to beat her at the one thing that she can not do. Here it starts. It's that time of year again. Let'd get those chubby legs back into my skinny jeans.
I have some money that I need to spend I'm thinking of buying a skaeboard. I wan't to get something that will keep my outside now that it is warm again. Any idea's?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ah I have been so bleh lately.
I started uni though and really like it but my eating has been shocking lately! So I am going to blog everything I eat every night so I want want to let you guys down! (even though my writing might bore you to death, sorry about that)
So I still don't have a job which sucks but I havnt quite given up on trying to get one yet! Anyway hope all is good XO

Friday, July 22, 2011


Well I have moved It is amazing here! However the pressures of not getting a job are getting the best of me. I hate handing out resumes and the disappointment of no response is so painful. I start my new Uni on tuesday so am nervous about that! But I need to make friends here ASAP! :) Eating wise has been the same but I have been doing a lot more exercise here! The beach really helps I loooooooove it and can not imagine living away from it now.. I just want to grow up already and have my life under ccontrol.  Ah! Well this is just a quick update I will keep you updated! Hope all is well!! X

Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye dairy!

Yay so I am vegan again! Thank god I am actually glad now I can stop eating so much shit :)
I watched this show on tv and it was this jockey suing this diet company because he lost too much wieght
?? I know sounds reliable right ?
haha but I think I might buy it off ebay it is called sensaslim and it is like a spray you spray and it just controls hunger. Have any of you guys here'd anything about it.

I am going to buy some form of dit pills, spray or detox kit this week so I will think about that. I bought laxatives last week as well but hopefully I won't have to use them!

 I went to court yesterday with my friend because she had been very naughty and didn't want to tell her parents aand anyway you have to listen to the other cases and there was this chick there for shop lifting groceries in a supermarket and her laywer said that she has an eating disorder and got really stressed and had no money so the girl must have been going to binge and couldn't afford it so tried to just take the food crazy hey! The judge was a bit confused but let her off lightly.

So my old best friend comes back from her masssive holiday tomorrow. It is wierd but I am really not looking forward to it I do not know why.

I went and visited the house I am due to move in in july and it is amazing you can literally hear the beach from my bedroom!

Off our deck you have a view of the water it is going to help me get fit because all you want to do is go out side none of this stuck inside watching boring daytime tv. I really need a job!  So I have to move out of the place I am in in like two weeks I am really not looking forward to packing but at least taking my stuff down the stairs will be good exercise right?

Anyway hope you are all happy happy happy :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I wish you guys were here with me.

have been doing well since I last posted.
 I have began to be able to control my addiction to food and am sometimes able to think about something else in life!Well I am down three kgs which is good.
I am trying to watch what I eat now and have been succeeding yay! Have been a little sick today which is not very pleasent.
I have been living off watermellon which I lovve I could live off it I think! I have given up meat, and dairy and am trying not to eat bread and stuff! now back to real life I had a job interview yesterday ( finally) amd havnt herd back yet but it went well and I am feeling quite confident! It has been so cold of late and am desperate to see some sun.
I am going to the beach tomorrow so I hope the weather is nice and I get oer my little bug.
 It was wierd today I was complaining to my mum how sick I felt and she was like maybee you should go make yourself sick, just put your finger down your throat untll you tickle your tonsils and if you need to vomit it should come up. This shocked me for some reason I don't know why but at least now I know that she has no clue about that side of things because if she did I am sure she wouldnt have been reccomending it!
 How is things going with all you guys? Hopee all is well!XX

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You used to be cooler.

ah. I hate who I am at the moment.
 A self conscious fat slob who fails in every way possible.
I just wish I could go back to the way I was.
Me and my friend used to always climb up this massive rock. It was kind of our secret friendship place. And we went to climb up it yesterday and I really struggled to get up it I had to try like three times it was embarrassing (It is hard to get up because its so steep but I took it us a sign).
 Any way I am at my parents house at the moment for a few weeks so I am eating healthy. A fair  bit though which sucks.
So in other news.
The hot guy I kissed the other night asked me to go get coffee with him the other morning I made up some excuse though after I found out his a massive slut..
I really cant get hurt at the moment I think I would just brake.
 I am going out tonight which should be fun. I am not going to eat anything today so I dont need much to get me drunk. I am starting drinking early though so will watch what I consume.

Anyhoo. hope all is well with you sexy ladies and you all have a great week because .....
never forget it :)